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Why My Topic & Not The Spam?

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Don't know who took it down but I don't know why you did.


I ***** out the rude word used, which was not amid at anyone it was the way I felt. I was being honest and not malicious or nasty. Yes I have used the company name and the individuals but it goes both ways. You can't spam about about being the first, have your own tread but now its a negative point or a dig at the way they go about it, they don't want to use there name or would put this forum under pressure so it must be removed. It's ok to take my money just don't tell what you really think.   


I don't feel I'm alone here with this opinion. It was just saying it the way it is.


It was a nudge in the right direction and a point to any other supplier looking thinking this is a free to use selling platform.

If you don't put a stop this now from suppliers who next?.  How many more people will do the same or it just the ones we like on here?



I don't see Lee/Matt or Peter/Neil or T/clone doing the same. I think since Tony moved to Hickleys he close to the mark but acceptable, but always here to help not just to sell. A certain member is taking the piss and has gone way over the top, not only on the company's thread but also now on every other one they can. I think it sets a bad president to allow this to carry on.


Its not fare for a members/Suppliers to be Spamming all the time, they pay to sponsor a section on the forum, they are here to give advise and join in with us, There not here to sell. If I wanted to buy it I would call them up not come on here.


Just another point how many machines have been sold via this forum and this sales pitch?

I would expect donation to be made if machines have been sold.


Rant over I'm sure this would have offended loads of people and be taken down very quickly, But hopefully certain people get to see it and get the point. 


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