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Recommended Magnifier/Lamp

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Can anyone recommend a good quality magnifier and lamp suitable for watch repairs, eeprom and remote repairs etc?  The one I had was basically just a sewing lamp.  The tube's gone so thought it would be a good opportunity to hunt around for something better :)

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OptiVisor (10x) and natural light for watch repairs, Remotes & close up work any day of the week.

Thanks Lee.  Good idea.  Is OptiVisor the brand?  I'm struggling to find a 10X online.  Any ideas where I should look?

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Sorry I wrote that in a hurry, I meant No10 which is 3 1/2 x mag I use this one https://www.cousinsuk.com/search?SearchTerm=O1105

well made with glass lenses, I wouldn't want all that torch & extra bits like Michaels link, I'd feel like Doctor Gadget using that. The Donegans are excellent.


Yes, the 10x is what threw me and that was the only one that said it could be made up to 10x.

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