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This is more of a Greater London issue.


Banham make it very impractical to obtain copies of their keys. In spite of there being a security card, they can't be made to code, locks can't be pinned alike to code either.


Increasing the number of Banham key outlets should be good business for many locksmiths in London.


Does anyone know what the patent protection is like on these keys? Are the blanks available at all? The keys seem to be very simple and quite bendable, of surprisingly lowish quality.


Yes, I know, patent protection scares only sissies. But I am a convinced sissy.

Banham key.png

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Would you recommend the Mustang? For those with shallower pockets.


They are on about making the blanks NOT cutting the blanks


The x cut and the easy entry actually make the key blank from basically a roughly shaped key


you need a separate machine to cut the blanks like the mustang or any one of about 30 other similar machines some better some worse. 


That's the way I understand it anyway, if I'm wrong I'm sure someone will correct me

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