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EU referendum, Brexit

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Out. We now have BoJo on board which is a great boost to the GO campaign :D


The fearmongering will now begin in earnest but here's a great example that can be absolutely refuted:


"We will be diminished as players on the world stage"


1) No, we will still be a big player in NATO. (It is NATO, NOT the EU which has kept the peace since the last World War)

2) We will still be part of the G7 and G20

3) We will still have a special relationship with the US

4) We will be able to trade properly, unhindered by stupid and illogical rules with members of the BRICS nations (some of the biggest and emerging economies in the world whilst the EU is floundering, across the board).

5) We will still be a permanent member of the Security Council.

6) We will still be big players in The Commonwealth.

7) We already have a pretty strong economy and this will continue, even after the referendum, which will attract more businesses to operate here.


Almost every single argument that I've heard for staying in the EU can be sytematically picked apart and I say shame on those who refuse to tell us the real truth and who only want to stay in for their own selfish and vested reasons.



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I lived in Spain for 7 years - The Spanish take what they want from the EU in many ways- But the rules are used as they see fit. I worked for a year and then got made redundant - I applied for benefits- refused - go back to your own country they said. Got stopped by the police in a roadside check - The motorcycle cop went mad at me because I was WORKING in his country he kept shouting NO Trabaco (no working) he spent 20 mins on his talking broach and his big book of offences to try and nail me. He of course could not. I complained to the embassy - they shrugged.

I needed a Knee op - refused go back to your own country

We got burgled, come to the Police station with your own interpreter to make a complaint - action Nil - Next door has a similar incident - place crawling with coppers - She was Spanish.


We get flooded with cheap goods, people seeking our benefits and being treated like second class citizens in our own country because we cannot offend the new comers.

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I heard on the news today that a load of big businesses (200/300?) have written and signed an open letter threatening the impact on jobs if we leave the EU. Amongst them are ASDA, Vodafone, Kingfisher and Jaguar Land Rover.


Sounds to me like these companies are only interested in themselves as it's these sort of companies who either directly benefit from wages being driven down due to the influx of EU workers or from doing the majority of their trading abroad.


It will be interesting to see which business have the cojones to come out with the opposite.



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I must admit I was dithering. But Cameron said in the commons yesterday." I have got SOME control on immigration and benefits back!" What do you mean some, you're the democratically elected leader of a sovereign state. Plus whilst ordering business cards today , my website suddenly went into German. ( not really Europe's fault, but really annoying.) Brexit all the way. ( sorry Stevenb, I like the word.)

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