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gravograph unica

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i have an old unica system uses the 256k memory card. Can a floppy drive be added to this system. I have two memory cards and lots of fonts that someone gave me but no way of putting the fonts onto my unica. Can the memory card be upgraded to a modern one, can a floppy be added can any one help me my machine works great could do with a proper set of fonts, i am new to the forum. email me Jason@douglasvalley.co.uk if you can help dont mind paying

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Wow 256k memory and a floppy drive..........I remember them...........I also remember a Commodore 64 and a ZX Spectrum. Welcome to the forum...Might be time to upgrade to a new machine Jason.......And if anyone can help you all it takes is a donation to the forum charity............Good luck

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Outside of the office I would be very interested in any info any one has on Unica cards.


As I have told Jason, we can't put a floppy drive in as we can't supply them. Also if your Unica doesn't have the port then you need a completely different board, which we also can't supply.


The floppy discs are DD discs, which no one manufactures any more. On top of this, they are written on a non-dos or linux based machine, so I suspect the format of the disc is un readable or writeable by any PC other than an old GV machine.


The cards are PCMCIA style sram cards. It is conceivable you could write to these on a modern PC, but I don't think anyone makes them. They have a CR2035 battery in them which usually lasts a year or too.


If your Unica has no cards or floppy and you can't find them, the best bet is to reuse the hardware and upgrade it to an IS200, as they are the same.


The only issue with that is it's around 3000 by the time you purchase software and a PC.

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