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Test tape and font type

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Common letter styles used on trophies would be


U.S. Block


Roman 2L 3L 4L

Times New Roman 


And several other similar fonts I guess its just experience recognising them


Test tape you simply stick some on the item and engrave on the top of the tape you can then see the indentation mark on the tape, when you get it right take the tape off and engrave it for real.

We dont use test tape however on the odd occasion we do use normal selotape and put 3 strips on it works just as well and costs nothing compared to the thick stuff engraving suppliers will sell you.


When using tape

Never spin the motor

Remember its only for testing a drag diamond and not a cutter of any kind

ALWAYS adjust the pressure that the diamond puts on the item to the softest setting and don't press on too hard

If you need the test to show up a bit more you can felt tip the tape first, or a bit of heavy breathing on the tape will also allow you to see the path of the diamond more clearly.


Hope this helps, if I've missed something I'm sure someone will fill in the gaps

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I have found the test tape that I have is next to useless as it doesn't stick to the item.  Came from a respected engraving machine company who are members here so wondered if I was using it wrong?  


As for font type.  I find this quite tricky at times too.  For example you might think you have the correct font, are sure you have the correct size selected but then in set up it looks as if it's going to be a much longer line of text even though the update is the same as the previous year but for the the date.  


I think there are subtle difference between fonts which effective "stretch out" the length of the text.  Anyone else find this or know what can be done differently?  I find Times Roman, Times Engraving, Times New Roman seem to be confusing.


Or maybe it's just me lol!

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