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help..hiking shoes

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i do a little hiking at the weekends and  have north face hedgehogs with vibram soles and timberlands for hiking both waterproof and good but little bit of frost or ice and both of them absolutely useless..both soles slip all over the place..any suggestions for non slip shoes that i can buy that are waterproof? or replace the soles on these? with vibram ice steady (advertised on birch website)

both shoes have sloes that curve at the front and come up to the top (almost)..



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Day 1.....Get up , have porridge... Stick head out of door.......To cold and frosty ( can't risk going out and slipping on ice and frost with my non grip north face hedgehogs with vibram soles and timberlands........Can't risk a broken leg or hip at my age..........Light fire...stick some logs on crack open a bottle of scotch and settle in for the day.  :wink:  :wink:

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