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A shop keeper has taken it upon himself to try to change the word shoplifting to theft, which may sound a little daft, but in his words, his point is:

The government have issued instructions to the Police to treat stealing items from shops below £200 as a misdemeanour. That is like saying to the criminals 'help yourselves'. The term 'SHOPLIFTING' is regarded by the public as petty and minor. Call it what it really is 'THEFT'

I have taken to putting up posters with the criminals face obscured, so they can identify themselves but nobody else can. I am making a statement that these criminals are not welcome in my shop. All of the people in my rogues gallery has been caught and either fined or is in Prison. The British Independent Retailers Association and I believe that the public should regard criminals who steal from shops as what they are 'THIEVES'. Ban the use of the word SHOPLIFTING call it what it is - 'THEFT'

if this is something that you agree with, go to the address below and sign the petition.




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