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Lusterful chinese cabinet keys

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might look at

LD1 Ilco     1639 Ilco     LRD  1D JMA

here in the US, Seth Pehr can supply several of the blanks and cores, Lusterful,  Azum,  Trendway, (Chinese) Cyber Lock, not to be confused with electronic key company Cyber Lock ,

might contact him for information / help


another source says a  Silca DA6, Ilco X115, JMA DAT221,  remove  0.10 from each edge so total edge to edge is .252,

...but I have not tested it myself...


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Including this on this thread, just to make future reference for members a bit easier.

Anyone come across this variation. 

Ruled out all previous  suggestions,  apart from ED2 ( JMA EVE4) which looks ok. By checking my post box reserve have come across, JMA codes, all look good. Will check against customers key tomorrow.


Unless anyone has come across this before and has any other blank suggestions.20190221_075250.jpg20190221_075300.jpg20190221_075315.jpg

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