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Advanced Keys........keys?

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Hi.  About to order key cards and RKE's from Advanced keys from Australia and was hoping for some help with the order. 


I'm wanting to order Renault RKE's and cards to cover the vehicles I have most here.  Just wanting to know if some of these card's or blips I can reduce.  The cost doubles here.  Such as, maybe I'm ordering a blip with 3 buttons that a 4 button will do also etc.  I do understand that hand free cards can be used for non- hands free also just a bit more expensive.  I have spent some time researching and have reduced my order to this, but as I have not gone anywhere near a Renault would appreciate some help from old blighty. 


About to order AKRM103,143,53,52,80,95......147 Aftermarket, 117,194.


I also want to order key inserts AKK178 blade, 360 blade, 51 blade which are fine.  Emergency 179, 181 and 332 which are fine but Akk180?  Do I need that?  Thanks you for your time geezers. 

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