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Can these boots be repaired?

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Hi everyone,


I have a favourite pair of old boots that I can't replace, they've come away where the sole meets the upper leather. Rather than drag them around town to find out if they can be repaired I thought I'd post on here first. I did take them to my local cobbler who just shrugged and said 'not worth it', so before throwing them out I'd like a second opinion. He may've said that thinking the cost of repair would be more than their value, I should really have checked but he was very busy at the time. The cost of repair is not really important, I just love the boots and would love to get them fixed if at all possible.


Photo attached.






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Anything can be repaired or patched. question is how bad do you need them and what are you prepared to accept ie would you accept just a glued on patch on the inside,maybe even the outside how about some heavy duty and unsightly stitching, chances are with a split like that its likely to be a poor material anyway and even if it was fixed how long before the other side goes ,,, personally I would bin them since its not going to be a great looking job and probably won't crease right when you are walking,time for nice new boots I think,,,,, but hey ,,,,,that's just my opinion

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If appearance is your priority then replacing the toe caps maybe the way to go, this would be costly and would need a close examination of the rest of the boots to make sure this is viable. There is little point in spending a lot of money if the boots are going to fail with a different problem sooner rather than later.

I believe your first advice may have been correct. 

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