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General Enquiry about Supervag

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Hi.  Like some thoughts on Supervag.   As good as MVP is, it obviously doesn't cover  VAG past certain years.  European and especially VAG vehicles in Perth, Western Australia, have become very popular here.  I actually had a call for a 2011 Golf today, lost key scenario. 


I am eeproming with a Wellon and Tango at the moment, mainly Toyota here, but haven't stepped up to de-soldering. Don't have much call for it.


I see Supervag as a great tool to cover a niche market of cars without having to solder.  The cars presented here in my daily grind don't require it.  The fact that it covers 4 makes of car is a no brainer to me although VW & Audi are the main with Skoda poking it's nose in.  It would take 3-4 jobs to pay for itself. 


I guess what I'm asking is a general thoughts about Supervag.  Are there whispers through the grapevine that we wouldn't hear here in Oz?  Such as the company being overtaken,  was a good product but now superseded etc.  It seems to be a good piece of kit for the price, going just that little bit further than my MVP, for lost key scenarios only. 


I'm not contracted to an insurance company or RAC (Oz equivalent of AA) so have no need to be doing the "latest" vehicles which may require soldering and/or an AVDI.  Oh how I would like to have an AVDI.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Thank you for your time.


Dion Jefford

Silverfern Locksmiths

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super vag is excellent kit and still working hard on development , it works very well on golf mk6 in lost key scenario with the correct harness they supply , no need to solder , once you follow the prompts to put it in service mode you download the file to your pc , then use tango or miraclone to precode the chip and write it into a vacant key slot , save the file then use supervag to write new file to eeprom and jobs done .


its a great bit of kit and very useful as also does all diagnostics and mileage correction , also lets you clone a dash to a doner dash , their website has the training videos to view.


i met jan and martin a few weeks ago and they are working hard on the latest models , so still developing and around for a long while to come i suspect.


avdi is also great kit , i wouldnt be without avdi , you can never have too many options and supervag is a useful option to have

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