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does anyone use keydiy? i've been using the B07 type for quite a while now & the ones i've been getting the logo recess has been flat inside so the normal 14mm concave VW etc logos don't fit. So i've been using gel coated logos which are much better anyway. I've just received another batch of 75x B07 remotes but the logo recess is now 14mm & domed, which means my flat gel logos don't fit.


I've spoken to UAP, Advanced Keys & NW keys but they don't have any of the type i need & i didn't see the B07 remotes on 3D's website. So does anyone know of anywhere else i may be able to get the B07 that have a flat logo recess. Or if anyone themselves has them & would swap for the ones i have that use 14mm concave logo?





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TBH for Legal reasons I believe KEY DIY should not be fitted with CAR Manufacture Logos - due to copyright . 

I know all the KEY DIY from Hickleys have KEYDIY logos with them for this reason . 


Follow link for further details that will help with ID etc. 



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I can't decide on whether I should investigate Key DIY further. I just supply genuine remote keys and keep the common ones in stock and take a deposit and order them if I don't have it in stock.  I don't think I've ever lost business by having to order the odd remote in for customers.


Not sure if it would make me any more money.  Anyone want to convince me otherwise?

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Sorry as this following post could be taken as a sales pitch, But please take it as a post to help you . 


Around 7 plus months ago I was selling these in my old company and actually not really knowing what they 100% did or how they were programmed . 


With very very Basic training (They are easy to use) I now know how to use them and how easy they are and cheap to buy :-)


Ignore above, there is one real reason to hold these, They are great for STOCK holdings, 

one two or three remotes do MANY , so you can hold a few in stock for that job that you don't know is coming ! 


In theory you want the 100% remote for the job, but the Standard remotes cost alot and to have sitting on the shelf is money tied up for you .

The KEY DIY remotes are cheap and you don't need a lot in stock to cover loads of different types of cars.

Do not look at these as a replacement to originals, but to go along side with them.

Stock the original remotes that are popular for you / your area and have these in stock to cover many more that cost to much to hold.

there will always be something these will not do, but there will always be that job you need to do and can not wait for a delivery and you may notice these will work for that potential job. 


Sorry again if it sounds like a sales pitch, but 70-80% of customers I explain these to buy them just to hold for them in case. 

maybe 10-20% will use them in place of originals to help keep costs down !

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I guess I can see that it might offer a cheaper option for some of the more expensive remote's such as Toyota, Jaguar and Honda.  A shame that there are such a lot of applications missing, such as Citreon, Peugeot, Mitsubishi, Fiat and Suzuki.  Is the application list likely to grow and has it done so since launch?


I can see where it could come in useful for some vehicles.  Could probably have used it today on a Toyota Celica 2003.  Clone key wouldn't disarm the immobiliser so would need a remote.  Would 2003 Celica have been covered?

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mine has paid for itself many times over on mazda alone , ive done alot of mazda 3 and 4 button remotes with these without issue , the price of a kd remote versus an oem mazda remote lets these sell themselves .


also the upgrades , offering boy races a stylish flip key option for their old corsa c , fiesta or focus also generates sales .


audi a3 and tt 8p key is useful as is the galaxy and sharran , cheap alternatives to original and mostly reliable.


the coverage is extensive and grows all the time with updates weekly , their nb remotes with integrated id46 chip has been hit and miss since release though the psa range has proven reliable on a large range of can psa remotes , renault not so reliable , but yes the range has doubled at least in a year and still grows . they really come in handy on those unusual jobs you dont carry stock for or find it hard to source oem remotes for , i use alot of the seperate B09 remotes especially on hyundai , chevrolet even on transit .


more and more are using these now , downside is prices drop , but if offering oem and these then you can compete , invaluable tool , not perfect but useful and a real stock saver a simple tool to turn a profit with and make pay its way

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