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Which thread do you use on your outsole stitcher?

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First of all thanks to you guys for referring me to T. Colledge and son. Some of the supplies you have across the pond are better than what we can get in the states. Not to mention your forum is a million times better also.


I've been using Barbours 6 cord right twist on my landis 12 outsole stitcher but ever so often I get stranding threads. So I was curious what you M8s use in UK?

I've tried the obvious and changed needle and awl and cleaned machine.

Thank you

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'Supreme Power Thread' form Shoe Systems Plus should sort you out,  available in White, Black and Brown.  However, your machine thread lock may need a small adjustment. This high strength, low extension, polyester braid thread will allow for wear in the mechanism better than your linen thread.


Speak to Blase Knabl on;


001 800 354 6278


Good luck 

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