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PR, strike it when you can!

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I thought I'd share my stroke of luck this week.


As a lot of you are aware I have quite a large shop, I found in the past few years with the changing face of retail & the online world along with being in a secondary location that my retail sales had slid of the mountain & I've scratched my head what to do with the space for some time.

Anyway this year quite by accident I found myself repairing a puncture in a bicycle for an elderly lady & things escalated from there. I brought in some stock, initially a modest outlay & thought I'd continue dabbling with the cycle repair element & things went from there.

Now on deciding a name for this new venture I headed online to find a domain name, its getting harder & harder to find domains with a ring to them, but I found "bikespeeds.com" and then started a bikespeeds facebook group, which was really just for my local friends.

Now to my PR story!


I was reading in a magazine about a "full moon" ride that had happened somehwere else & thought "whens the next full moon, ill do that" & posted up an "event" on the facebook page, expecting a handful at most of my friends to come along. I quickly realised it was being shared all over the place & I needed to bring the shop upto scratch, I had about 4 weeks so we did some decorating, binned the entire of the old stock I had, and gave the largest percentage of retail space to bike parts. My Son Ross even helped me make & put up a new sign outside the shop. it was a manic 4 weeks. right down to new toilet seat & air fresher!




shop signs up.jpg

This Tuesday we had the full moon, 7pm arrived & we opened the shop for an 8pm ride not knowing what was going to happen, I was aware there had been a lot of local chat about it & someone told me one cycle club had even had a committee meeting to decide if they should support it or not! we had an early arriver needing lights fitted. Ross (my son) and his friend Corey run a mobile disco business & they set up a speaker & lights flowing over the road outside to give some atmosphere & then we stood like lemons waiting!

at around 7.30 bikes began to fill the parade outside & by 7.45 I was beginning to think "holly s**t" & when a large local cycle club rolled down the road just after that thought, I then thought "what have I done!" it was amazing.

I only got one photo, but it was just before the big group from the local cycle club arrived.


We all had a great evening, people have all been sharing stories all week. it put "bikespeeds" on the map. we had around 70 riders there from all the local clubs it was a PR dream, that came out of nowhere!







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too early to tell, but I know from what my friends where telling me, there was a lot of "Wheres that then?" when people where initially deciding to come. If i'd held an open evening I wouldn't have got that many people to the shop. to get people to the front door so they new exactly where the shop was as well as seeing in the flesh was a stroke of genius really. I was so lucky. the weather was great too.

I sold some laces & did a key on the back off it yesterday, so it worked for both sides of the coin.

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