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looking for new cloner

ad900/diagnostic box is ok but looking to spend on something newer




rw4 was nearly bought at the weekend but what do you think

whos got the touchclone or is it just a gimmick?

waiting for the flood gates to open on ID48


your opinion Terrence will be worth reading

carry on!

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I used most machines over the years. 


Still have Zed-Bulls, RW3-texclone, 884 (but not updated for a long time) and a Miraclone.


The Miraclone is best at cloning by a long way.

Nice PC software where you save keys and loads of info on it.

The fastest with online cloning, Never failed on 4D or 46 unlike the others.  

It clones on most types of heads and chips your not tied into just one type of stock.

Also uses carbon chips on all cloning (needed with Key DIY). Also is always up there on doing new stuff in not the first then next in line. 

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