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uncollected repairs

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after loads of deliberating on this and assessing left repairs - we are not changing to pre-pay, this is because we have just thrown away some 15 pairs of customers shoes that had not been collected from 1/1/15 - total of repairing cost of materials some £30!

I have decided that it is not broke this system we have in place and it is working and with extra competition in this area am going to leave it as it is and not risk upsetting them.

We are however trialing asking up front payment with a split of around 50 percent so far paying upfront, early days yet to rejoice but so far not a problem.


And your still not charging ? what about your time, electric,polish it's not all about the materials. Profit ?.


How many hours went into the repairs.


MADNESS in my book. Every penny counts in these times of hardship. The taxman is still going to take his cut no matter what you throw away.


But your choice and i wish you well with it, but how much did the total cost of all the repairs come to.

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