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Specialist notes about the loading and unloading of engraving tools

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As everyone knows, numerical control carving machine is a kind of fully-automatic machining equipment, however, even fully-automatic mechanical equipment, it needs some manual work to a certain degree. For example, at present, although the widely-used numerical control carving machine adopts the technology of fully-automatic engraving and machining, the loading and unloading of cutting tools still need manual work. So, what factors and safety knowledge shall be noticed at the time of loading and unloading cutting tools? Suba engraving machine Factory gives the following detailed introductions to the loading and unloading flow of laser engraving machine.

1、At the time of loading a cutting tool, use gasoline or WD40 cleaning agent to clean chuck and pressing cap.

2、Put chuck into pressing cap, otherwise, the cutting tool is not easy to be installed aligned. If chuck is not clamped in pressing cap, at the time of unloading cutting tool, chuck would be clamped in motor shaft and is unable to be unloaded.

3、Before clamping, check if chuck is matched with the selected cutting tool, otherwise, the cutting tool can not to be loaded tight.

4、At the time of loading a cutting tool, the cutting tool’s part stretching-out chuck should not be too long, otherwise, it is easy to generate vibration in the process of machining, which may affect the machining quality of work piece surface.

5、At the time of changing a cnc engraving machine, it must be ensured that the speed of main shaft should be zero, that is, when main shaft is in the state of stop, it is allowed to unload the cutting tool, otherwise, it is easy to happen serious personal injury.

6、If presser foot engraving is used, the dust on presser foot and main shaft must be cleaned up with a dust cleaner, then conduct the clamping of cutting tool.

。 7、In the process of screwing pressing-cap upward, pressing cap must be aligned with rotor thread. At first, manually screw pressing-cap in place without using effort.

8、At the time of unloading a cutting tool, sweeps on pressing-cap and rotor shaft must be cleaned up with an air gun, then conduct the unloading of cutting tool.

Operation shall be conducted strictly according to the loading and unloading knowledge of engraving machine, which can not only ensure the safety of loading and unloading, but also avoid the occurrence of loading and unloading failure.



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