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odd situation with Ford Ka lost keys!

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been to do a lost key job on a 2003 Ford Ka today. Car was locked, put my tibbe pick & decoder in the drivers door with the locking pin still in place, turned it to unlock & it actually unlocked straight away without even trying to pick & decode the lock which i presumed would making decoding it a problem.


So i decided to remove the door lock. I also noticed the door card was loose on the end closest the lock & when the card was removed the plastic cover that's bonded over the door was cut open near the lock. I expected to find that that door lock had previously been tampered with to make it so it unlocked with any tibbe but it hadn't. It was exactly has it should be. The little locking bar was still in place. So I just took the lock apart to read the tumblers.


Anyone else come across this before?




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Yes, usually when someone has taken the passenger door lock and moved it to the drivers side swapping the back arm so it will connect to the locking mechanism.


In effect any key will then unlock the car but only the right key will lock it.


Not as common on newer cars but i have seen dozens of escorts and fiesta's using the early tibbie lock that have had this done.

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