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February 2014 - Scotlands independence.

Should Scotland be independent?  

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I agree that voters outside of Scotland should have a say in any potential breaking up of the Union but am also torn by thought that a country's people should be the ones to decide their own fate. Just for the record, I was born in Scotland of a Scottish father and a Mother who was born in England of an English father but Scottish mother and as lived all but two of her near 70 years in Scotland. I feel that I'm Scottish first and foremost but most definitely consider myself British and as has been said above, I genuinely feel we are stronger as a Union regardless of whatever blithering idiots are spouting forth in Westminster. Devolution has been great up to a point but I would hate to see a split caused by a scare-mongering, propagandist, separatist villain like Salmond. i utterly loathe drunken, fellow Scots giving me history lessons on 1314 and all that when I would argue that more recent conflicts like both World Wars and the Falklands show the true spirit of a united Great Britain. Additionally, the thought of having to use Euros instead of good old pounds and pence horrifies me, never mind what that has done to countries like Greece, Portugal and Eire. I also cannot understand the 'couldn't care less' apathy but that isn't a dig as everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


The above isn't meant to read like a rant and I apologise if it seems so. :oops:




P.S. as an aside, are there any English folks amongst you that would like to see an independent England, looking after purely English interests without Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland involved at all?

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