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December 2013 - Price Survey.

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This year’s price survey is now up & running, PLEASE takes the time to fill out each section. The more answers we get the more accurate the reflection on the prices we are charging it becomes.


SHOE REPAIRS - 24 questions


KEYS - 18 questions


ENGRAVING - 13 questions


WATCH REPAIRS - 10 questions


Survey closed.




with close to 500 downloads last years survey was the most popular download to date so its important we all take the time to take part in this one!


REMEMBER TO WRITE YOUR RESULTS AS FOLLOWS £10 = 10.00 not 10, it makes it easier to collate for me! and only fill this out in POUNDS STIRLING euros, or other currencies will be ignored.


The results will be published at the beginning of January.



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Thanks to all those who took the time to fill out the price survey this year, its the most successful one to date. You can now download & adjust your prices for 2014




Or at anytime during the year from the information section of the downloads.




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its as useful for me as it is for anyone you don't mind when your getting something out of it! \:D/ I appreciate as much people filling it out as the 518 people who downloaded it last year do getting it. just think what a survey it would be if all those took part!


Even so, its the most comprehensive survey of its type.

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