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How to get an old Mastergrave Universal running on Windows 7


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Hey there,


We recently bought an old Mastergrave Universal and are trying to get it to run on Windows 7.


The computer it came with was running Windows XP and is very old and slow.


We've got everything working, except that when we engrave things, it messes up at the same point on the same letter.


For example, if we engrave Happy Birthday, when it reaches the 't', it does a big line down to the bottom of the engraving area and then another one all the way back up, then continues engraving as normal.


We're running with the baudrate set at 4800. When we change it to 9600 it messes up earlier in the engraving, ie at the 'b' instead of the 't'. But it messes up in the same way and always at the same place when settings are unchanged (ie it's a consistent error, not just a random one).


Any ideas what might be causing this would be much appreciated. Getting pretty stuck with it now.

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