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Key blanks cross reference.

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Not so much a cross reference list but a few notes I have on various keys.

Hopefully these will come in handy for some:


Cylinder Key with ‘Fermod’= CV3 (XH249)


‘Euroline’ Cylinder key- VI12 (XH849)


Cylinder key for ‘Baton’ Shutter Padlocks- HD CB7 (H0130)


‘Iseo’ F3- IE27R (XH1199)


Cylinder Keys with ‘ESL’- TAL1


Small cylinder keys with ‘JD’ logo- Single sided- APEM I-1531 (XH1223) Double Sided- ALP9 (XH715)


‘MG 6’ uses HU66- As with older BMW’s ID’s as ID33 but uses rolling code.


Small cylinder key for Safes with double fluting on one side and single on the reverse tend to be RC7R (XH1210)


Delsey suitcase locks with 3 digit number 301-500= LAS21 (H0208)


CarlF- WMS7 (H0623) can be used


Cylinder Key with ‘PATONS’= HD EV6L (H0608) can be used


Some Master Padlocks use A1045 (H0442) Also if trimmed down a FH22R can be used.


A lot of Roller Shutter doors use either HD R7DC or 7DC and most are the same cuts. The code is 455 and the cuts are 2231.


Any cylinder keys which are longer than 55mm with a ‘universal’ type profile have a good chance of being part of the ‘FAC’ range.


HD BLA2 (C169) can be used for the following: N-series & E-series roof rack keys, WD series Caravan keys as well as various Motorcycle/Scooter keys.


Caravan keys with a ‘Fiat car key/ZADI’ type profile with a cut out just above the shoulder on one side- Use ZA10P (PT021)

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Hi just a quick one to say thanks to John from sks

He updated my trs 5000 yesterday to the latest software . It programmed the Vauxhall key afterwards and wouldn't before the update O:)


No worries, any time I can help please let me know .


Newest on Older TRS5000 5.16

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