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October 2012- what safety equipement do you use?

What safety equipment (if any) do you use whilst repairing shoes?  

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No dribbles of glue for me. [-X

I was always taught that the apron is there to keep your clothes clean, not to wipe your hands on.

This leather apron is at least 10 years old now, and beginning to wear in nicely.

There are a few scuffs from the scouring band (from where I hang it on the naumkeag!) and a few specks of ink, but overall it is in great condition.

Keeps me nice & warm too \:D/


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Nice sweaters or shirts with a logo look far more modern & professional IMO.


With glue dribbles. Everybody gets glue dribbles.... =;..Are you fekin unique.... :lol: :lol:...But I would have tucked the tounge

of my right trainer inside my trousers. Not that I wear trainers...Good pair of sensible shoes for me.

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I have pitched the old apron into the waste bin. I had the experience that Lee spoke of, having a well dressed woman handing me her beautiful light tan suede shoes and as I reach out for them I realize how much of a filthy mess I looked. My feelings changed that moment. Before I had thought that because I was doing grimy work I should wear clothes I didn't care about and just not mind if I got dirty. But that was when I was not interacting with customers directly. Once I realized that my customers and the customers that I wanted more of were to trust me with expensive beautiful footwear and leather work, I realized I needed to look like someone you would trust with this stuff.

I used to dress down for work, Now I dress up. II'd rather ruin a good shirt occasionally than look a slob all the time. My customers are fashionable and I want them to feel at home in my shop. And I just feel better.

besides, I dont want to ruin a good shirt by puttin that filthy, flea ridden apron on it.


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We are in a dirty Job, so a suit & tie I personally think is over the top, today its flipping cold in my shop. But I present myself in clean clothes & shinny shoes.



When you can buy jumpers so cheaply, Aprons are so last century.



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& you're in the middle of grinding the vibram soles off a pair of boots (or doing a similar dirty job).
Now show the after shot after scouring a pair of Mephistos or some TR... :)


I have an airline which I give a quick blow over myself if a customer comes in. I also have a clothes brush on the machine, I always look clean to my customers, not like you with your sinking piece of material draped around your neck on a dirt incrusted shoe lace. Urgh

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