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leather soles

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i notice from previous posts that quite a few repairers use jr leather,would you only offer jr or would you use a lesser quality sole normally and offer jr as a superior sole ,this goes for say wares executive,im just wondering if you do give a cheaper option or just always use the better quality

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I used to let the customer choose between two different qualities. The best was JR and I got another cheaper leather. Fairly good but no JR. Later on the customers came back and told me:

You have put leater soles on my shoes but look. They already need to be replaced. That were the cheaper soles. Customers forget the price, the only thing they remember is that you have put leather soles on their shoes.

Now I only use JR, a wonderful piece of leather and those who don't want to pay the price I advice them to step over on rubber.

No more complaints.

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