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August 2009 - Tims Joke of the month

Are Tims Jokes Ever funny!  

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So, 'cat who chewed your new shoes' is meant to be a pun on 'Chattanooga choo choo'.

This is poor, indescribably poor. :stevenb_card: And how is anybody under 80 meant to get it? ](*,)


I think it's time we all started to send Tim our jokes. Let's flood his inbox & prevent anything like this ever happening again. :-{{{

Come on folks, he won't mind suddenly getting hundreds of jokes, will he :wink: :lol:

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I've had a better idea, how about we all send him the same joke...

to: tim.wilford@glenway.co.uk

Lets start with this one:

Four people are in an airplane, the pilot, the smartest man in the world, the richest man in the world, and a punk teenager. The airplane experiences some difficulties, and the pilot informs the three passengers that the plane is going to crash, and there are only three parachutes on the plane. The richest man in the world takes one, because he says that his lawyers will sue everyone else on the plane if he doesn't survive. The smartest man in the world takes a parachute, because he thinks that the world would be a worse place without him. The pilot says to the punk "There's only one parachute left, I'll fight you for it." "That won't be necessary," said the punk, "The smartest man in the world took my backpack."


courtsey of http://www.ajokeaday.com


A quick copy & paste & you're all done. \:D/ \:D/

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And yes here he is Ladies and Gentlemen!.. Live at the Apollo the one the only one Tim Wilford......................Booooooo!!!!, Crap!!, Get off!!, Rubbish!!! My mother in law did'nt pay that much carriage charge for a tiny box weighed down with catalogues I DID'NT ASK FOR............(incoming or mod deleteness)

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