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charles birch trophies

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have any of you regular trophy suppliers had chance to look at the new birch trophy range yet?


how do the prices compare to the rest of the market generally and does anyone know the quality of the items in there?


i wish they'd omitted the brass and laminate engraving prices out of the back of it as it buggers up my own price list :roll:



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do what i am doing rick, dont use the catalogue as a normal one

- use it when someone wants a very small order and you dont want to pay postage and tag it on your repair order!

if a customer wants something specific out your normal catalogue make them pay the post!

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Guest Iain Cheall

They seem to like mixing trade and customer price lists up in the same catalogue.


In their gift range catalogue they show trade engraving prives and trade watch battery prices.


Is it so difficult to keep these things seperate. ](*,)

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