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Trophex 2009 - review


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Sunday I found myself heading to Birmingham on a late arranged run. After a good traffic free trip I headed to the hall, on the way in found myself chatting to Danny King & Mrs King from Ipswich, walked in through the door & had a quick walk round.


Then I found Iain Cheall & his brother, its funny talking to Iain, I rarely notice how short I am, when you have known no different it makes no difference, until you talk to Iain! & when his brother is with him it’s a double whammy, they are BOTH big! Then you can feel really small!


I had quite a funny moment with Planet uk900, although he didn’t know it! He came up behind me & put his arm around my neck, I guessed it was him & having spend years on a Judo mat my instinct so nearly made me throw him over my shoulder! The only thing that saved him was he didn’t speak, so I wasn’t sure! & didn’t want to give the wrong person a heart attack!


Then it was Danny, Terry & Martin & meeting members just kept happening. Where are you Texts from Rick & Iain & eventually at 1pm we all meet up outside the bar, which was the biggest disappointment of the day as it was closed!


We gathered up some tables & chairs & had our AGM, who would have thought a few years ago that you could have around a Dozen repairers from all over the country converging together to have a light hearted chat with each other, topics ranged from the economy, Mergers & buy outs to the show, service received, machine innovations & companies to the inevitable psis taking!


When your sitting talking to businessmen from every spectrum of the industry including multiple shop owners to one man bands its heartening to now that the fears & success’ are shared by all those in the industry.


I spent so much time talking to people that I didn’t actually get much time on the stands, but I did notice a couple of things! The first was how the machinery side is advancing, Gravograph & Rolands stands took my eye with some very impressive & modern machinery.


Trophies always look good under the lights but I have noticed the finish & look for each price bracket seams to have improved a lot in the last 3-4 years.


Sadly for me I had to hitch my lift home all to quickly & we all went off to continue our day & what a great day out it was!



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Guest Iain Cheall

Had a good day, getting a sublimation set up and sorting out a sandblaster for glassware :) My brother is looking into the printer/cutters as well.


Had a good chat with the Gravo guys about the problem I am having with my machine, Looks like I'm going to get some progress with that.


Sorted out a new trophy supplier, only want ballet trophies for a certain customer and they are the only ones that seem to do them. Bought some stock for the shop. had a chat with the Boys and Girls at Glenway and Trend ( good Luck to Rachel from Trend her baby is due in 9 weeks)


reaffirmed my belief that lazers are no use to me for what I do and that the best way to glass is sandblast it.


Met up with Lee, Rick and Iain, saw UK900 and a Son not sure which one and ofc spoke to Kev on the CB stand


Got my van shit up to the eyeballs with all the salt on the road ( still havent washed it :lol: ) confused Brothers Sat Nav on way home by avoiding the M42/M1 due to all the roadworks on way down.




Rick what are you needing the A3 printer for. I have discussed it with my brother and we couldn't think what you would need bigger than A4 for....... think I've just confused myself again.

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I felt like crap on Sunday!!


I've been suffering from flu-like symptoms for nearly a week! Can't taste me food nor appreciate a beer and that drive down just floored me. So, I apologise for not making more of an effort to chat with those there. I wpuld have liked to.


Funny though how you never ring in sick when you work for yourself. Last wednesday was the first time in nearly 11 years that i thought of ringing in.


It was great to see you guys though.



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I apologise for not making more of an effort to chat with those there.
thats alright Iain, I chatted to Ricks lad, He's a witty little chap, I bet he gives the teachers at school a run for their money. And I shouldn't mention him with out mentioning the very polite "Miss" Ascap, you've got a nice little family there Rick.



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We went down on the Sunday and had a great day. Have been thinking about investing in another engraving machine and wanted to take a look at some of them. Spoke with Michel and Gregg on the Gravograph stand about it, so hopefully during this year, it will be another addition for us.


Didn't really see any new suppliers but am considering doing some trophies but not sure how they will work for a home based business.

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