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Computer cant find the machine!

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happy new year all!


recently had to change the cable from my laptop to my M40G nowthe darn computer doesn't know where the engraver is..... mesages such as 'plug in table com 4' and such like(?????) it worked before but now zilch. Its very frustrating and time consuming ( and i'm very busy elsewhere) trying to find a combination that works.... my laptop doesnt have a serial port, so i use a converter - why are gravograph machines not USB compliant... its like the steering wheel down the trousers syndrome ; 'driving mi' nuts'! any help most welcome.


I'm using gravostyle quick which i also think is a bit lame. :-({|=

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Thank you for gents for your reply... not entirely sure i know what either of you are talking about :D . i'm the lazy minded plug n play type.


Initially the laptop usb connected to the engraver via a cable going into a seriel port converter, with no problems. now no joy, the laptop is searching for the machine.


re; a generic printer; the gravograph software one is installed.... it seems my engraver cant find the port,nor do i now know which to use

- heads in bits.


i'll plod on.

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yes, very good, i deserved that :)


last year i tried to get a different older laptop working with the machine and the same problem occurred, i called gravograph and we all just went round in circles trying to resolve the matter, not for the want of their effort, but it never got working and i kicked the laptop into the corner. It was a frustrating affair and the thought of going through that again had me looking for a sneaky quick fix on here.... but yes you are all correct, a telephone call is in order.

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