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WANTED!!! cylinder lockstich end of Jan/Feb.

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I'm looking at reducing costs and have decided that I should try my hardest to do small in house production runs... the number of quality manufacturers is dwindling and they are hesitant to touch the small orders I can place, and at 25 quid an hour I feel I should be doing more hands on work whilst trade is slow... might be a total disaster, but unless you try!


Anyway - I'm looking for a cylinder lockstitch on domestic supply, preferably around the midlands for pick up - but not till end of jan when I get a VAT return... I'm seeing ancient machines on ebay for silly money, I wouldn't mind a bit of help and advice on this too...


do I need a cylinder machine? walking foot?................... merry christmouse :D

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Its for small leather goods - womens wallets/handbags that type of thing - I think I have heard of them being refered to as a post machine in the past... The 'bed' of the machine where the bobbin lives is cylindrical and gives greater clearance than a flat bed standard industrial lockstitch machine...


something like this I have in mind - I have never used one before but the manufacturers use them for all my sampling and production so I have a feeling it's what I should buy????


http://www.ecvv.com/product/vp655106/GC ... chine.html

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ah no http://www.ecvv.com/product/vp679272/TW ... chine.html is a post machine. the only time i have ever seen the ones you are enquiring about are much bigger and for stitching bags liks golf bags etc. havent seen the smaller versions in shops before. you could try rob at sew amazing on 020 8980 8898, what he doesnt know about these kind of machines isnt worth knowing

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right I caused the computer to crash with my last post, the post seems to have wandered off all on it's own - I came to the conclusion that I can't afford the prices of the machines that I have been offered over the last few weeks, so the dream of having my own sweatshop will have to take back burner for now...


I shall be keeping an eye out though, so hopefully in a few months time something may pop up and I can take over the downstairs of the house and the other halfs lounge...


well the niggling fact also came to mind that I am cack handed on a machine anyway so it would have been many hours of creating piles of scrap...


Next project please...

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