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Still no sign...

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Today was a day just like any other. We took slighty more than usual but nothing special at all.


No sign of that 'last rush'


The market area and town in general seemed to be buzzing with shoppers. I spoke to a number of traders and it seems the ones that are taking decent money are mainly the food sellers. The shops which usually do very well seem to have seen a steady flow of customers but they aren't spending at all. At least not spending what they usually do.


We have no cause to complain. We're making our living which we are grateful for. There are some shops which are having a dreadful xmas and we are to lose 2 more traders by Jaunuary which, according to their unit size is a loss of about £3000 per month to the council.


Our Woolworths is all but empty now. The queues in there are a sight to behold and remind me of vultures picking at the last remnants of a once mighty giant. Scary stuff.


We have one more day left. Let's hope it is the mother off all days. I'm not holding my breath though.




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same here iain,, we have had a very good year tho,, but it has been a bit quieter than this time last year,, the town is buzzing, MARKET TRADERS been here all week, normaly only on a friday,, think this has affected my sales of gifts and leather goods, ,,dont see any tills on there stands either,, all in the arse pocket,, purely my opinion

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well normally at this time of year i have real problems parking in towns to fix machines but not this year. i found time to pop into the shopping outlet centre at braintree, thinking i would stop if not too busy but clear off if parking was a problem. well loads of parking and not many shoppers. today it was fosse park in leicester and it was the same, plenty free spaces.

this isnt a good sign at all but most repairers i visit seem to be steady at the same as last year or a bit better which must be good.

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Minit that's one of my bugbears. I love the idea of continental markets and the like but you're right. They are here to make money quickly, then they're gone. The council advertise and promote them to the hilt but do nothing to keep those who pay their rents and rates all year round happy. It's only recently that our market office have started to advertise available units. We never hear them promote the market otherwise.


We have recently seen the opening of an NHS stop smoking service within the market hall. They are open on wednesdays and saturdays. According to my lease agreement, we must open for 6 days trading as and when the market hall is open for business. The only exception is a 2 week holiday which must be approved in writing. How the hell they get away with 2 days a week is beyond me. I intend to take it up with the market manager when he returns in the new year. It only adds to the problem when you can see a closed unit and i'm sure another trader could open and do a full weeks work.


I seem to be ranting!




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x minit uk » Tue Dec 23, 2008 9:57 pm


the councils let in the fly by night traders, victorian, german, french, markets etc,


your dead right on that one, in my town i was the chairman of traders for a year or so, the council paid the french market nearly 6K to put there market on for one weekend... would not listen to us 'traders when we said give us free parking instead! Crazy policies that will soon dissapear with all shops closing around us all!!

(incidently thanks xminit for sending me the odd car key - appreciate it ! )

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yeah its very annoying when the councils let in the fly by night traders, victorian, german, french, markets etc, it all takes money off those that pay their rates all year round. :evil:


Spot on Mr............. I signed a petition against one of our councils today, If what I have been told is true they are corrupt, and spend our money to suit there families and relatives. I am looking forward to the outcome.

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See Zavvi have now gone bust as well, may be more in the new year


Zavvi were in a good trading position, it was a supply problem (Woolies being the supplier).


I would like to give my input as a member of the Public on this one.

I steer clear of large City Centres all through the year, mainly because of parking or travel problems.

My expenditure is within smaller towns and villages, however, when the Continental Markets come to the City

I make the effort and visit.

Why....... because of the atmosphere, its alive, its buzzing, the stall holders interact with the public, gigantic BBQs 6 feet in diameter, hot spiced wine, 4foot frying pans with Pyella, a miriad of small stalls offering mouthwatering foods.

Cheeses,Sausages, Smoked Meats rarely seen are piled high.


I spend well and at the same time visit the National stores and spend even more than I had planned.

Would I go there if there was no market....NO.


The answer is not to ban them but copy them and bring your own town alive at Xmas.

We used to have the banter going on in our own Markets every week of the year, but not they have been dominated by those with better sun tans than me and the atmosphere is dead as a Dodo.


As for Market stalls operating a couple of days a week, is this not the case of empty units being let until a trader comes along, similiar to the Charity shops paying reduced rates until the shop is taken?

If there is a need for complaint it should be addressed to your local councillor and the council chamber and use the voice of the Market hall traders as a group not on your own. Use the local media to highlight your concerns as they are always after local interest stories.

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