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Royal Mail !!!!!!!

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Got a card through the post this morning saying I had a letter that didn't have enough postage paid on it.

Couldn't think what it could be so sent stepson up to collect it.


:twisted: :twisted: 27p postage, £1 handling charge and it was only one of NW keys bloody monthly offer sheets ](*,) ](*,) :smt011 :smt013 :smt067 :smt075 :smt076 :smt093 :smt097 [-(


They forgot to frank it or put a stamp on...now i know there's a credit crunch but come on guys [-X


And if you read this NWkeys please dont send me a cheque to reimburse me.. ](*,)

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Had a card through my shop door on Tuesday (I'm shut Mondays). The PO had a packet that wouldn't fit thro letterbox. Postman tried to deliver it at 7.55am. Do these people think I'm friggin Tescos 24 hour opening or summat. Had to phone and rearrange delivery when I got in on Tuesday. So I end up getting it on Wednesday around ten past 8!! Whatever happened to a proper postal service?

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