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nippers needed

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ok , need to pick your brains folks....


my sandvik nippers have finally given up the ghost on me after many years of very faithful service :? can


can anyone recommend a really good paid that are durable and not too sharp? (please don't say draper, they're crap in my opinion)


also,. what sorta knives do you guys use for removing treads from units before scouring? i've been using my old bench knife but it's wearing as bit thin now and not quite long enough sometimes.

(it took me years to realise that using a knife was faster, less dusty and less likely to have your hands ripped to shreds by the 'grip like a michelin' effect of some of these units)




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I've been using Barnsley nippers since I first started out. Now on my 4th pair in 20 years. I chuck a bid on every time a pair appears on Ebay and have 3 pairs in back up.

It might be worthwhile contacting Woodware Repetitions as they bought up all the old Barnsley stock.


I use a standard 4" bench knife to remove units and rub some Carna wax on the blade before use to make the cutting smoother.

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Best Knives are Surgical Steel, Razor Steel in rosewood handles, stay sharper for longer available from Woodware Repetitions.(I think they had them in a catalogue last time I went to an Exhibition).


You can purchase Blades alone and make your own handles or use slot through handles with allen screw to hold blade... just move blade up as it wears.

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