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These are like the old Mister Minit diamond soles. They were made in red, blue, green and yellow using a material like the current topy soles.

We used to give a 1 year guarantee with them and never had any back as they lasted ages.


Sold several dozen pairs but they were eventually phased out as sales were much lower than expected.


Bit of a novelty item for the young uns :)

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First Vibram came out with the wrong color red which was too orange. Soletech then made a red that was a much better match. Since then, others have made their own red and now vibram has corrected the color to match the Louboutin red much better. The link below will show the soletech sole compared to the old vibram red.


http://cobblestoneshoerepair.com/produc ... utin.shtml

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I hate the text on eBay:

Just ask your local cobbler to put these red rubber soles on your Louboutin. The cobbler will cut and shape these soles to fit your shoe. :evil:


Customers who bring in there on materials and ask them to place them on their shoes.... [-X

First try it theirselves and when they can't get it right: let the shoemaker solve the problems.... :?

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I agree with you there Peter, I've had ebay specials brought in. Its amazing how many people look shocked when you give them a price they think I'm going to do it for free!


They don't feel so clever with their ebay purchase when they realise its actually cost them considerably more, especially when you show them the same product in stock! :lol:


I like your web site lipson2.



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