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gravostyle 98 error


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I use Gravostyle 98 & this afternoon went to enter the Machining Module to do a bit of hatching as normal & it wouldn't run.


I got this error


"Erreur Ouverture Fichier"


I re-booted the Computer & the Engraver but the error returned.


Since gravos are now closed now till Monday, anyone know the cure to this?



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Also, ALWAYS make sure you perform a preview of the job you have sent down before you start engraving.


With Gravo98 in the past I have setup a job with just text to be engraved only to find that when I have performed a "preview" that completely random circles have been drawn in certain areas around the text :?: :?: :?:


However, I predominantly use G5 and have never experienced this problem within it's software.

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