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Repair fatigue, mend forever..?

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Hello, I was wondering how many times can you repair a shoe before the tacks won't go in the holes anymore or starts to damage the upper shoe? I guess you can replace the heel block when this becomes too potted but what about the sole area.


Secondly, which shoes are most durable to continues repair, and/or you like to repair, not because of the profit but because of how easily and nicely the repair comes up. Yeah I know a good repairer can move heaven and earth but there will be grades of difficulty and I assume there are a few opinions out there as to which quality shoes repair best, time and time again.


Thanks Harry.

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Guest Klazykobbler

I like to repair the shoes that sometimes get supplied to officers in the services. Made by Sanders and seem to be made for being repaired and can finish to a superb standard without too much effort.

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It does not take much working out that if I buy shoes in future which can be repaired many times easily then that means that I can keep them for many years longer rather than throwing them away. It also means that repairers make more money repairing those shoes, and can do it easier. Both customer and cobbler wins. Sounds fair?

If I were you I would tell the whole world..



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Good quality welted footwear will stand many quality repairs,

When I say quality I'm referring to high class components & workmanship, thus needing less replacement due to extended durability of products used.

Also how they are used & cared for will enhance their life.


Ok I get that but do you ever find your self thinking along the lines of, Oh those shoes will be a pain when I get round to them because, every time I do xxx repair that bit breaks or this bit won't go back properly or finish well, and takes extra time. Or maybe all the cork filling falls out of some shoes where as other's everything stays in solid, perhaps the welt on some brands always end up needing to be replaced, no matter who the owner was.

I am just guessing but I am sure you could imagine a worse problem.

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