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I agree with downloading logos/fonts when you've got a spare minute.


On Saturday we were really busy and a customer asked for the Mitsubishi logo to be engraved onto a Key Ring.


I couldn't remember doing it before but checked my files anyway and found i had downloaded it a few weeks earlier along with some other stuff and was able to carry out the job while-you-wait.


I reckon I would have lost the sale if I'd asked her to call back next week.

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anyone got a nice heart logo please. what am i doing in the shop on a sunday its 10am might ask the wife to get me a life for xmas :cry:


when you say nice... with an arrow through it, two hearts joined, I've got loads..........


You should spend some of your free time sourcing logos that might come in handy, thats what I do..


free time you havin a laugh wish i had as much free time as you planet 4000+ post

I was actually trying to be constructive and helpfull, I have a libary which consists of thousands of logos, 99% of which sourced by ourselves.

By the time you'd asked for the help off us "less busier" :roll: folk, you could have sourced it yourself.

4000+ posts....yes, its the likes of us who give you the option to take the lazy option. :?



Those who make free time are better organisers/managers.

He who has no free time has stressfull life. (ancient Hugh-CanTellum saying)


This is a fact Hugh. If some-one comes in our shop for Logo engraving, It aint a problem..never.

We are experts in the field, thats why I have time for 4000+ posts, I don't have to wait for somone else to do basic work for me.


I'm not critising anyone who asks for help [-X Just the busy heros, who aint got time, and question those who make time for others.

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Planet lazy option is only one of many VERY busy people using & contributing to the forum.

Between us we pass work around & help each other out, regularly. I for one am more inclined to give information, time & help to those who pay it back/forward in some way. :roll:


As you sow so shall you reap.


Your deeds, good or bad, will repay you in kind.

From the Bible, Galatians VI (King James Version):


Those who make free time are better organisers/managers.

He who has no free time has stressfull life. (ancient Hugh-CanTellum saying)


I agree! except those who have free time, usually work all hours to get it. :wink:



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I offered a Logo..no problem, but was merely pointing out the advantages of building a good libary of logos, and good house keeping of your computer, so you can easily retrieve Logos at a later time. I will do a Tutorial that may help some folk as to what I mean. :D


I didn't expect how many posts I'd made to have to be in question.. :?

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