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Raise Support - repairs in Manchester/liverpool

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this raise support inquiry was sent to us, can anyone in the area mentioned help? If so leave your details on this post for Nick


HiI have a pair of 6 year old Hanwag 3-4 season walking boots. Took to local repairer who said that the midsoles (on one) as well as the soles need replacing, which he doesn't do. Is there anyone in the Manchester-Liverpool area that would be able to do this at a reasonable price? For info they are not vibram like the new models. Any help/advice appreciated.

Regards Nick



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2 photos would help, bottom of sole and side view to identify the sole and job type.

Is there any identification on the sole?

Midsole may be a problem if it is a blown/ moulded one and the sole follows the contour.

If we see the pics then there may be many repairers capable of doing the job providing they can get the soles.

He is only as far away the the local post office for anyone on the forum.

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