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for one its not a brand new ad90, its a pirated copy of an ad90 , does the job well enough, but no back up , no updates and no tech support, and indirectly ripping off advanced diagnostics.


The trouble with these pirate machines is , if everyone buys these, then ad stop making a living, so stop developing new software so all grinds to a halt, pirateing is theft, so its not something to shout about, besides if ad find out you have one they will ban you from ever having their products, so not worth it long term.


downside is you cannot confirm how reliable software will be long term, or the machines build quality , and you cannot sell it openly, its not ilegal to buy and own one and use it from china, but copywright theft begins as soon as you try to sell it on in the uk.

One guy i spoke to a month ago with an mvp pro unit, bought a copy ad100 on ebay to save on token costs, ad traced him through ebay and erased his mvp, and wont now deal with him.


cheap chinese prices may sound good, but long term just not worth it and will do more harm long term.

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thunderfix, because you have posted about buying this product i should imagine you have bought innocently without knowing of the implications of what the guys above have posted.

you are not the only loser, we all are. the majority of expenditure on these machines is the software design,

in this instance Advanced diagnostics and their customrs pay for this, whereas the chinese just copy and sell on.

so indirectly you are robbing every owner of a genuine AD90 of cheaper future software.

The following may seem an unusual request, but in the long term will benefit you and i.


log off, go to your shed, van, garage and get yourself an hammer of some type and smash the copy machine to bits. :wink:

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just bought brand new ad90 from china £250 including delivery will see how good it is


We did look at these - as they are trying to sell batches of these off cheap


1st they are now old machines and as stand alone do not do much more than the 2nd hand machines we

sell (when we get them) for £50!


2nd were not sure if these were Gen. machines or not ? - and Hence if copies - we decided not to buy!

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i have to admit that im almost sold on the ad900 pro, as i know what i get from ad in back up and support and of course quality, just the eeprom programmer that appealed with zed bull, but an unknown quantity for me,as im unsure of their quality and their back up, and long term id imagine ad to be the safest bet.


greg at ad has offered me a cracking trade in on my rw4 unit , which to be honest hickleys offer against the zed bull was poor in comparrison.


guess ad will win the day

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Just to advise - the Zed Bull comes direct from " Hickleys " who has given many of our customers back up also on all the AD products over the years - So I hope this info is of help .


Also as mentioned - the Zed bull is the most up to date out of the 2 machines.


If you want to down load the pdf on this for the comparison from the AD900 pro and Zed bull (Eprom info) please follow the link Quickeys kindly added .


Click on - Machine Brochure - and this will show you the comparison of ALL machines present now .

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im sold on the ad900 pro, but still want to follow the eeprom route, can you reccomend a good programmer and software for this as im sure the modules for eeprom on the ad900 are database guide only ? as this was the only reason that zed bull was in the running for me, is there a programmer and software package available elsewhere and do you know where and the costs ?


the ad trade in package was far more impressive, and breaking down the comparrisons zed bull offer no additional programming than ad, as bmw split into 3 on zed bull but packaged into 1 with ad.

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