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I have engraved a few


You get asked because it is a service offered by apple for free if you buy one from them. However they engrave them with a laser (probably YAG) and it matches the existing engraving that appears on the Ipod. I have not tried using a CO2 (too chicken!), but have engraved with a diamond and it comes up like any anodised aluminium.


What to charge; well these things are not cheap - mess one up and it will cost you plenty (I hold it using jig pins in the aluminium jig). I charge £7.50.



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i did two of these today, i just clamped them as usual and did them with the light touch spring on the diamond, set at 2mm in 1 mm passes, took two runs over and came out perfect...


charged £10 each, took ten minutes....


as wizzard used to sing "oh i wish it could be xmas every day" or at least the week before xmas every week, engraving is nuts just now... =D>

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