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shoes with arch support

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Adidas do them for weight lifting :D


I found it cheaper to purchase metal ones and put them under a thin leather insock, that way they dont move.

nowadays I use the mouldable plastic ones as used by the podiatrists.

Have a word with the specialist if they are for yourself (elfman).


Healy's used to have some good metal ones.

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if i can make time before the weekend i wil try and do some ascap but i will try to explain it in stages

it would work better if you had a wood last but it is possable on a steel one

1 stretch a piece of pigskin or similer material over the last and secure the sides with pins or double sided tap

2 using 6 mmmedium density micro glue the lining and micro

3 when dry heat the micro with your heat lamp untill soft and mouldableand then stick it to the lining on the last if you time it right when the mico cools it will retain the shape of the arch of the last then its a case of filling in the arch and finishing as you would a pair of shoes

( personaly i prefer fussells lightweight micro as it molds very well to almost any shape you like)

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What about that perforated beige stuff thats used to mould aroung the foot and used in vacuum formers.

So long since I used it forgot the name of it but that heats and retains shape and can also be used for temporary uppers for folk with broken foot bones.


I made an Arm support out of it, brilliant stuff, just watch it dont get too hot when you put it on your arm/foot/leg. :D












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