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Guest melissabliss

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Guest melissabliss

Hello everyone,


Apologies for the intrusion. I am a mere mortal, and no nothing about making shoes (but would actually love to learn!). But am in need of some advice about dyeing leather soles or if soles can be painted or if they can come in colours...


Its a selfish, personal quest to get baby blue coloured soles to my shoes for my wedding next year (a year to the day actually - ha ha!)...


I have been looking for my "something blue", and would love baby blue coloured soles (like the red of the Christian Louboutins).


I have a few questions, I hoped you experts could help me answer:


- Can you paint/dye plain beige leather soles on wedding bridal shoes (that come in ivory silk/satin)? Obviously, without ruining the white/ivory of the shoe...


- Can you resole the entire shoe, even if it is brand new, to a baby blue coloured sole instead?


- If yes, to either of the above - who/where can I get this done? (I am in the home counties, nearest town is Reading or Guildford).


The shoe I have finally found in the style I like is from a bridal shoe supplier called Ivory (and the shoe link can be found here: http://www.ivoryshoes.com/shoes_07.htm)



I'm sorry for the long winded post, but wondered if this quest was possible? And if not, I will have to re-evaluate my wedding shoe plans!!


I really appreciate any help or advice anyone can give me.


Thank you so much for your time.


Kind regards,



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I would have thought your best option on these would be to use Lady Esquire dye in a Blue Colour.


which is a similar blue to this however it won't wear that well on a sole & you will be showing through to the original sole colour by the time you walk up the isle.


I would have thought using a shape in the middle "might" stop them looking to bad to soon! simular to this



I would be happy to do this for you (you might get a better suggestion from someone else) but by the time you've paid postage etc. it will be quite expensive!



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thats only OK, IF!


The soles are leather & a lot of wedding shoes aren't


I have just looked up Baby Blue in wiki & realise its a lot lighter than the lady esquire blue! :oops:


However these can be mixed Melissa, to achieve a lighter shade!



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Dylon shoe colouring/Lady Esquire shoe colouring available from Hardware stores and most shoe repairers will coat the surface.

The soles are invariably made from resin not leather unless you can verify this.

Alternatives can be as follow,

If leather then wood stains could do the job.

Any type of sole can be coloured?sprayed using air brush techniques (local Nail salon may do it).

Local artists / shoe repairers with the skill of airbrushing.

Local car body shop/mobile dent repairs ets specialising in touch-ups (they will need a sample colour to match to.)

You could of course enquire at the nearest specialist Art suppliers as they usually have many customers doing special projects, some at art colledges.

Local Halfords and get a Car spray (Acrylic), spray them yourself after masking the shoe area with masking tape.. or ask your local shoe repairer if he will do this for you. (my prefered method).


The surface of the sole area should be very lightly sanded for the paint to adhere to otherwise it may peel off quite easily.

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