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well done birch!

every one of us has to expand, or why bother having a business - in america everyone applauses success - this country seem to resent it!

i hope they become as big as timps - more competition is good for business!

congratulations birch! keep on going!

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heard on the grapevine charles birch have purchase 11 new shops in the kent area.

good luck to them, at least timpson cant get there hands on these now.



Not sure about this, whos shops are they buying?,existinging cobblers,or just moving in on someoneone elses patch because they can see that they are doing well? exspansion is good, but treading on other independendents toes, is summit else,,WHAT DO YOU LOT THINK?,, Rick, i was thinking the same as you as you

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whats your thoughts on it all?


My thoughts on it all, Well its not something new and I expressed an opinion a long time ago.


first of all, I know Chris will say he would rather buy an Independant, than let Timpsons buy it. because if Timpsons buy then Chris loses a customer in his wholesale business.


second. I think there is also alot of competition behind the high street scene with the big boys. Timpson would like it all and if they get it all, then Chris Wilson becomes redundant, So he has to fight the fight.


Thirdly, I'm not sure I like the idea of my wholesale activity being in the knowledge of someone who aspires to also be in my genre.



forth, In the knowledge of the above, I have the vision not to rest on my lorals. I know I have to move on as anyone else does if they want to survive in a competative world. Its easy to critisise anyone who has the grit and determination to grow and strive to be better.


My overall opinion is I would like to know the extent of Chris's ambition, and how loyal he would be to his loyal account holders in the face of high street competition.

Because WE all have a choice of where we shop.

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