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Combination lock

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They are of Italian manufacture and can be sourced direct from Italy if you have the time and patience to surf the net for hours. I did and got them but its a long long time ago and never logged the company.

Try Le Prevo, Ohio Travelbag co in the USA or send the bag to the recommended repairers yourself as they wont sell you the parts..


for any parts oof foriegn manufacture try the countries Chamber of commerce, obtained throught the Embassy in this country, they can be very helpful as that is what they are set up to do.

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www.fhtomkins.com - really good, they make to order so can take a couple of weeks, but they know what they are talking about or point you in the right direction.


For italian made, I can't find my catalogue but it has an elephant as a logo - and three letter initials - and practically impossible to find on the web from just that info! I shall hunt though.

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