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Boot Repair Anyone?

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Customer came in today with a pair of calf length leather boots. The backs on the inside have perished and are scraggy. Normally I would have taken on something like this, but this pair have no zips on them, so my 'pigs t*ts' for fingers won't do them justice. It'd be like trying to wallpaper your hall through the front door letterbox.

He asked if I knew anyone who would be willing to undertake this mission.

Any takers?? PM me if interested

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Guest darrenbooth

just a thought,if you removed the lining woul boot still stand tall ?if so run the patcher round the ankle of boot and cut away lining.also you didn't say if boot could be turned inside out ,if it could you could do this to replace lining.i dont know what you would charge for a job like that but to be honest doing jobs like this sometimes gives you a sense of accomplishment in the fact that your good enough to have done it,good luck.

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git knotted mark i asked first :lol:




:lol: :lol: Sorry Rick, didn't read back :oops: I must say though its heart warming to see your willing to tackle this type of work.

I salute you old pal, good on ya.


There is a tool for doing this job and lt looks like a couple of long shoe horns spring loaded, twas in the "Gotz" catalogue. I used them with great success after getting used to them.


There is a great tool for this, and we all have them...your hands.

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