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Glo-Fake #2

I would like to see glo-fake back in production  

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Well People, Its time to have your say!


following the glo-fake topic viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3725

I Emailed Caswell adhesives once again requesting they re-considered production of this product.


My voice alone will not be enough to re-launch the product, so send caswells your own message of support for glofake on this topic, they are going to put my email to their team!



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the point has been made very well with the replies do far, that this is a low usage/volume product which is why it has gone from Caswells product portfolio. So how do we convince them just how valuable this product is to us?


this was the Email I sent to Caswell yesterday

Dear John


Following your reply to my email this morning, I found myself feeling very disappointed

at the situation with the demise of the Glo-fake product.

Whilst I realise the decision not to re-start its manufacture is a commercial one, I

would like to ask Caswell adhesives to re-consider this.

The shoe repair industry has always used Caswell products because they are good for their

intended application & Glo-fake was no exception.

I feel that listening to your customers & investing in the glofake product would enhance

your reputation within the shoe repair industry & could generate some great publicity.

The shoe repair trade continued to support you after the difficulties surrounding the

fire & it would be great if you could give us back this product that we have no

alternatives with, I feel it would boast our confidence & respect of the Caswell brand!


Please reconsider this decision, the shoe repair industry needs your help!


Lee Ffrench



Its nice that we have had 17 members reply to the poll, but give them a reason to produce this for us again!



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as rereuested hugh

black polish

carnauba wax 8 parts in weight

ozokerite 3 " " " " " " " " "

paraffinwax 6 " " " " " " " " "

montan wax 8 " " " " " " " " "

beeswax 2 " " " " " " " " "

nigrosine oil black 3 " " " " " " " "

turpentine 100 " " " " " " "


brown polish

carnauba wax 5 parts in weight

paraffin wax 22 " " " " " " "

beeswax 6 " " " " " " " "

turpentine 50 " " " " " " " "

white sprit 50 " " " " " "

oil soluble brown dye 0.2 " " " " "


wax emulsions and fakes i.e glo flake

carnauba wax or composition waxw 24%

turpentine 30%

soap 6%

water 40%

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Sandy has had a Shoe-Repairer contact her saying that the Woly tin product is exactly if not better than Glo-Fake and requested it in larger tins. Not aware of the properties of Glo-Fake and Sandy is not at her desk right now I can't give further information but we do have a product it seems that covers this need. Please contact Sandy 01858-467467 for more information.





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