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If you cant find any try the DIY shops for antique furniture polish based on bees wax (perhaps hubby makes his own wax :D )you need to open the tins, quite easy as they are quite large and look for the whitish colour one as it does not have a stain in it. If you want to put colour into the leather then look for a suitable colout like light oak etc.

I have the original Glo Fake and the difference is not worth commenting on.

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I am still disappointed that such an old product has disappeared with no alternatives. we will all find something different & move on, but I'm still hopeful that something else will show up before I use up my final pots of glofake.



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by Lee on Wed Oct 29, 2008 9:47 am


Hugh-Candoit (ENG) wrote:

"Pots"... you mean you have more than 1 !!!!!!!!

The day after the fire at caswells I stocked my self up with glue, kumzoff & glo-fake.

you ought to auction a pot off at chrimbo, or put it as a prize on the forum for member of the year!

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gone forever!


I had a look on Caswells website yesterday & noticed the new factory was nearly completed, so asked them if it would be going back into production. Here's the reply


I regret to inform you we will not be producing Glofake any more. We unfortunately lost the machinery that produced this product and therefore will not be able to make it.


Best regards,

John Fowkes

Sales Manager

Caswell Adhesives




I use it for two reasons, it was a nice soft wax for polishing soles & it was great for removing any stray wax that got onto the uppers :-{{{



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