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just an idea, recently i have had a couple of visits from insurers and solicitors investigating accidents, it brought to mind a possible idea for a machine company that might be of interest to many people like myself who have staff etc;

this might already be out there, but if it is, it isnt advertised.

the idea is to have a annual service with in mind a certificate to say all is well, and a manual with all necessary work ammendmants and faults remedied etc, this would then act as a useful tool if any serious accidents happened and stop any insurance claim that might follow.

i am sure large companies already have something similar in place, but to smaller firms who cannot keep up with legistration/red tape as we all put certain things back to do at a later date - it could make life an allful lot safer and better for us all.

i know that we have shoe repair machines/key machines/engraving machines and everything else, but along with pats testing that we all are supposed to do annually there really isnt the time, and to keep all machinery tested serviced etc, this is something an engineer who does know his stuff could spot small problems and make them not become large ones!

i am sure there is a way forward with these things in mind, i have recently made a training manual for my shop with simple things in to say a member of staff has been trained on something, where as if i had not and there was a problem the courts want to see proof of training and if this service/maintenance manual was presented it would stop a lot of claims that are trickling in these days.

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We at Standard offer a 'Healthcheck' for all shoe repair machines as part of our Service package. A 'Healthcheck' can be booked through our service dept and will be followed up with a report on the condition of machinery, including noise and dust levels and is normally offered at a reduced cost.


Call Nick Stewart on 01536-486101 to find out more details or log on to our website.



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Dont forget the ongoing maintenance book where you log everything that has been changed/serviced I believe thes are available from the Machinery companies.


It shows Insurers/Health & Safety that you are competent in taking risk factors seriously.

Dont say you aint got time or they will have you by the short & curlies.

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PAT is for Portable Appliances - fixed equipment comes under other regs if you fit your machines with fused spurs or they are 440V they fall outside the test - thats why hotels have kettles and irons hard wired into fused spurs, most computer based equipment is 3 or 5 years. Its really only stuff that draws a load.

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