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EHS 2 heads and KL Bianchi heads - and New Ford Transit 2007

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I have been advised that Ford now have a new " Complete Blue " head that is charged up via the van (with a battery inside to keep the remote working) - in turn this is flattening the EHS Battery within 20 Min!


Does anyone know if this is true or not ??


Has anyone else had these problems !

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This may help...


Transit 2006.5 (04/2006-)


Radio remote control P/N 1499172

The radio remote control is integrated into the key. A charging function for the remote control batteries is integrated into the remote control. Here, the rechargeable battery which is integrated in the key (previously it was a non-rechargeable battery) is continuously recharged while the ignition is switched on.


The charge function of the accumulator is effected by an induction circuit which has previously been used for operation of the PATS transponder. Additional components are therefore not required.


The charging process is initiated and executed by the GEM via the ring antenna of the transceiver at the ignition lock once the PATS key query has been performed.


The recharging function provides a power supply which ensures that the remote control remains operative at all times.


A charging time of approx. 20 minutes generates enough power to transmit a radio signal between the transmitter and the receiver approx. 32 times.


The remote control housing is additionally sealed and watertight. It is possible to identify the key by its blue housing. Replacement of the battery is not possible.




Remote Keyless Entry Transmitter Programming Transit 2006.5 (04/2006-)


General Procedures


1. A maximum of eight keyless entry remote transmitters can be programmed to the central junction box (CJB). Programming must be carried out at the same time for all the remote transmitters.


2. To enter programming mode, first make sure that the vehicle battery is fully charged and that the anti-theft system is not armed or triggered.


3. Make sure that the turn signal lamp switch is in the OFF position.


4. Fasten the safety belts and close all doors to make sure that conflicting chimes do not sound during programming.


5. The ignition switch must be turned to position II exactly four times during remote transmitter programming. Failure to follow this instruction may result in incorrect remote transmitter programming.


6. Turn the ignition switch from position I to position II four times exactly within six seconds.


7. Turn the ignition switch to position I.


8. An audible chime (only if an anti-theft system is installed) will be heard when the CJB has entered the learning mode.


9. Press and hold one of the buttons on the remote transmitter until a chime sounds. This indicates a new remote transmitter code has been successfully received.


10. After each successful programming, another 10 second learning mode is automatically entered, up to a maximum of eight times.


11. To program additional remote transmitters, repeat step 9.


12. The system will leave the learning mode after the ignition switch is turned to either position II or III, or if no new remote transmitter is programmed during the 10 seconds, or if eight remote transmitters have been programmed.


13. An incorrect programming procedure does not affect the stored codes.


14. After successful programming, only the new programmed remote transmitters will be accepted.


15. Test all the programmed remote transmitters, by activating and deactivating the locking/unlocking functions.

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i have had a customer whose blue remote would not open the doors, the back and side door is only opened with the blue remote, tha battery had gone flat, he could open the door with the key and start it!

he could not gain access into the back. we opened the remote - saw the rechargable battery - put it back together that was b18 months ago and have had a couple of customers with the same problem.

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I can confirm that the Transit 2006-> with blue remote will 100% run down the battery in EHS2 heads. (personal experience customer went through 3 batteries in 1 day)

They are not compatible.


However - the JMA Glass transponders work without issue.


Hope this helps


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