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football - newbee how to go to a game!

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Well, its finally happened. Simon has won the man of the match for the second time at his little football club & I'm considering taking him to a game.


Having NEVER been to a game in my life, the natural choice would be Norwich & Carrow Road.


I see there are several ticket prices & obviously being our first game for both of us, where do we go?


He's 5 & we are both SHORT! :lol: I don't want to be looking at the neck of the guy in front!


How long before a match do we need to arrive to get in on time? is it easy to get to the loo's! how long does a match last, I know that sounds funny, but I assume there's a bit of time at the start, middle & end & getting in & out must take time. How long do I have to allow.


I knew this would happen & Sadly my mate, an avid Norwich supporter who was going to hold our hands passed away last year so now I'm shiting myself! Any advice for someone who knows NOTHING would be a great help.



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Make sure you do go to Norwich, Lee, and not the pointy headed mob down the A140! :lol:

As a canary myself, I think you will find the family orientated club atmosphere very accommodating for a Father taking his son to his first game.

You'll have to buy a ticket early though, as we have capacity 24,000 crowds every home game and 19,000 of those are season tickets, with around 3,000 given to away fans - leaving few for the casual fan who wants to attend. There is a buy back system from season ticket holders where if they can't attend they inform the club and the club resells the ticket. These are first come first served on match day from the ticket office. For more information on ticketing structures you can email ticket@ncfc-canaries.co.uk


Other things to consider - The lesser teams in the league attract fewer fans, so tickets are more available. Think Doncaster (Oct 25th), Barnsley, Southampton, Plymouth, Burnley. There's also a bigger chance of a win in these games. Imagine if you took him to his first match and the team you were supporting lost 0-6!!! He'd be gutted.

Look out for the FA cup fixtures. Traditionally these draw lower crowds - especially if there's lower league opposition, so this gives a better chance of a ticket too.

Under no circumstances attend the Norwich v Ipswich derby game. It brings all the idiots out around the ground and its not a very nice atmosphere for 2 little fellows!


Hope this helps - let me know if you need any more pointers



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